We offer Commercial Real Estate Appraisal, Consulting Services & Brokerage.


L3 Valuation is a commercial real estate appraisal and consulting firm located in Durham, Oregon. The goal of the company is to offer appraisal, review, and consulting services to clients in a professional and timely manner in covering all types of real estate. Though the firm's primary focus is the State of Oregon, we also provide appraisal services for properties located in the southwestern portion of the State of Washington.

To better serve our clients, L3 Valuation created and implemented a proprietary analytical mobile app capable of real-time access to confirmed data via cloud-based technology. Confirmed data includes local, regional and national sales, leases and resource data. L3 Valuation makes certain that our team members have access the necessary tools and information relevant to solving the client’s issues and assuring their needs are satisfied. As a top regional boutique firm, L3 Valuation maintains deep connections within the local brokerage, investment and development communities allowing it access to information unavailable to firms more national in focus.

L3 Valuation considers its clients to be its most valuable assets. We are privileged to serve various small and large financial institutions, pension funds, insurance companies, corporations, developers, private individuals, attorneys, accountants and government agencies. Past assignments have been conducted to serve various functions, including mortgage financing, property acquisition & disposition, lease rent arbitration & negotiation, charitable donation & gifting, partnership & divorce settlement, litigation support & expert witness services, condemnation, property tax analysis, appeal services and corporate planning purposes.

Valuation Reports

The market valuation of real property interests (fee simple, leasehold, leased fee, etc.) in various types of properties is the primary focus of most real property appraisal assignments performed by L3 Valuation. It involves defining the real property interests to be appraised, collection and verification of market data, analysis of the highest and best use of the property, and the market valuation of the property via the most applicable appraisal methods. Other valuation studies may involve the estimation of investment value for various real property interests based on client specific data and/or criteria. Our services also include reports intended to assist in a team approach to Valuation for Financial Reporting.

Real Estate Consulting

In order to better serve our clients with unique properties and/or investment problems, L3 Valuation can also conduct consulting assignments covering all property types. Providing competent, unbiased, professional guidance on diversified problems in real estate has taken on ever increasing importance as a method of reducing the risks associated with the real estate field. The firm has undertaken such tasks as highest and best use analysis, market studies, rent renegotiation consulting, subdivision analysis, office/retail analysis, project planning studies, and market and feasibility analysis.

Appraisal Review Services

An appraisal review serves the purpose of analyzing the content and conclusions of an appraisal report. It is the reviewer's responsibility to assess the relevancy, adequacy and analysis of the market data used; to form an opinion as the appropriateness and logical consistency of the appraisal methods and techniques used; to comment on the overall presentation of the report, and its general conformance with accepted appraisal practice. Clients consider an appraisal review to be a valuable tool in determining the credibility of an appraisal report, in order to reduce the risks associated with important lending, legal, and investment decisions.

Estate Planning, Litigation Support, and Expert Witness Services

L3 Valuation also offers services for real estate matters involving arbitrations (ground rent renegotiations, tenant space lease renegotiations, etc.). We offer estate planning tax support for accounting firms and litigation support services to attorneys. It is our goal to provide not only offensive, but defensive strategies, in a fair and unbiased manner, in order to expose the strengths and weaknesses of a particular case. Finally, Mr. Mueller, Mr. Kurasz and Mr. Pin are experienced in working with attorneys in providing expert witness testimony.

Appraisal & Consulting

The partners and team members are dedicated to the company's goal, to providing a fresh new approachto any real estate problem, and to working with each client on a personal basis. The firm was founded by managing partners - Kurt M. Mueller, MAI and James F. Kurasz, MAI, AI-GRS; each with +25 to 30 years of experience in commercial real estate. Being members of the Appraisal Institute (AI), Mr. Mueller and Mr. Kurasz, as well as our AI designated staff associates, must adhere to strict codes of professional practice and ethics in serving the public.


The firm also includes a team of very seasoned associates, including professionals with over 25 years of experience. All are either designated members of the Appraisal Institute, including the prestigious MAI and SRA designations, or candidates for one of these professional designations. All have extensive experience in providing appraisal and consultation services for a wide array of types of real property and real property interests throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Thomas Mueller is the able hub of L3 Valuation with 20 years managing the office. His dedication and knowledge assures smooth continuity of the firm's job management, output, and is a familiar contact within the company to help meet most any client needs.